The following are the questions we get asked frequently. If you still have an unanswered question, drop us an email at info@padang.co.


How do I apply for Blockchain Innovation Challenge?

You are required to submit an online application on the challenge website on 23 September 2019. This application will be your official entry into the Challenge. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.


Can I participate if I am based outside Singapore?

Yes, we welcome submissions from startups/teams from across Asia to share their idea on how blockchain can address aviation industry challenges. If your startup/team requires overseas travel to Singapore for the Pitch Day after being shortlisted, we will provide a travel grant to sufficiently cover your flight and accommodation expenses for one person.


How many members can I have in my team (Community team)?

Your team should have a minimum of two members. There is no upper limit on your team size. However, participants cannot belong to more than one team, and cannot be Rolls-Royce employees. It is the team leader’s responsibility to manage the team, up to and including the sharing of cash prizes. Note that one of the shortlisting criteria for this Challenge is the quality of the team.

Will there be other datasets/documents provided for this Challenge?   

Shortlisted teams might be given access to additional data and document depending on the solution proposed. You are allowed to introduce new data sets from your own sources for your solution.


Will we be able to get data or document relating to the actual engine maintenance process?

Actual engine maintenance data or document will not be released for this Challenge as it is highly confidential and sensitive. However, we have provided templates of documents with metadata which will allow participants to be creative in terms of linking the data with assumptions which is sufficient for the submission.


How would I know if my team/startup is shortlisted?

The shortlisted teams will receive notification via email on 4 October on their selection with instructions on the next phase of Blockchain Innovation Challenge. Some teams might be placed on a wait list and be informed of their selection the week after.

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