Top 5 Teams for Blockchain Innovation Challenge Shortlisted
9 October 2019

The Top 5 teams for Blockchain Innovation Challenge have been shortlisted after evaluating submissions from across the globe. They will proceed to the next phase in which they will receive mentorship from aviation maintenance experts to help further develop their blockchain solution before presenting to a panel of senior leaders on Pitch Day, taking place on 1 November 2019. 

Below are the list of teams that are shortlisted:

  1. Block Aero

  2. DEX 

  3. Kryha

  4. PlasmaDLT

  5. Sky Republic

The organisers would also like to convey their deepest appreciation for the time and effort made by all the teams that made submissions to this Challenge. Although your submission has not been shortlisted, Rolls-Royce and our partners have had a chance to see, understand, and appreciate your work, and will be in touch with you in the future if any opportunities arise.

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